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Nuria Bages – Biography, Lifestyle, Wiki, Net Worth, Career and Family

Nuria Bages

Nuria Bages Romo was born on December 23, 1950 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. She is a popular Mexican actress for her work in the television industry. She has performed very well in TV shows and Novelas. She is considered as the best actress of Mexico. She started her career in 1980. 

Nuria Bages Personal Information

Attribute Information
Full name Nuria Bages Romo
Best Known Nuria Bages
Date of Birth December 23, 1950
Nationality Mexican
Originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Occupation Actress
Studies Lic. Spanish Literature (Autonomous University of Nuevo León)
Talent Acting
Couples Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo (1988 – 1992), Enrique Rocha (1975 – 1978)
Height 1.65cm
Weight 55 kg
Race Latina
Eye color Brown
Skin color White
Hair color Brown
Sexual Preference Straight

Early Life of Nuria Bages

According to one of her interviews, we came to know that she was passionate about acting. She had a keen interest in becoming an actress. She trained very well to be a professional in acting. If we talk about her education, she completed her graduation in Literature from the Autonomous University in 1978.

During the duration of university she was invited by one of her professors of Spanish in the theater to show her acting. She performed The Kreutzer Sonatas (original work by León Tolstoy) directed by Julián Guajardo. Due to her performance in a theater, she got fame at Provincial National Theater Festival. She also got an award for her better performance.

Career of Nuria Bages

Title Film Role Year
El manantial Eloísa Castañeda / Martha Castañeda Supporting role 2001
Las vías del amor Olga Vázquez de Gutiérrez Supporting role 2002
Corazones al límite Dra. Gertrudis Supporting role 2004
Amar otra vez Esperanza Suárez González Supporting role 2004
Pablo y Andrea Gertrudis Supporting role 2005
Heridas de amor Fernanda de Aragón Main role 2006
La fea más bella Esposa Desesperada Guest star 2007
Querida enemiga Madre Asunción Supporting role 2008
Alma de hierro Mamá de Rita Guest star 2008
Mujeres asesinas Ofelia Oropeza / Lorena González NA 2008–2009
Por ella soy Eva Actress Guest star 2012
Porque el amor manda Teté Corcuera Guest star 2012–2013
Mentir para vivir Fidelia Bretón Supporting role 2013
El color de la pasión Aída Lugo Guest star 2014
Tres veces Ana Leonor Supporting role 2016
Enamorándome de Ramón Hortensia Main role 2017
El corazón nunca se equivoca Nora Ortega Supporting role 2019
Te doy la vida Ester Supporting role 2020
S.O.S me estoy enamorando Delia Supporting role 2021-2022
Tierra de esperanza Remedios Supporting role 2023


As we discussed earlier, she started her career in the 1980s. Her first film was Delincuente in which she performed the role of Cecilia’s mother in 1984. Her second film was Vacaciones de terror which was performed in 1989. In this film, she performed the role of Lorena. Another two films were Cándido Pérez, especialista en señoras y Cándido de día, Pérez de noche. In these two films she performed as Silvina Pérez.

In 1991, Nuria Bages participated in the film “Cándido Pérez, Specialist in Ladies,”. Herrole was Silvina Gómez de Pérez in this film.

In 1992, Nuria Bages reprised her role as Silvina Gómez de Pérez in the film “Cándido by Day, Pérez by Night.” The following year, in 1993, she joined the cast of the play “Entre Mujeres.” In the circle of telenovelas, audiences enjoyed her performance in the melodrama “Los Parientes Pobres,” where she portrayed María Inés de Santos.

In 1994, Nuria Bages got the ACE Awardsy for her outstanding performance in the Telenovela “Los Parientes Pobres.” Later on, in 1995, she became part of the cast of “Bajo un Mismo Rostro,”. In 1996, she took part in the “Canción de Amor” (playing Nora) and “Mi Querida Isabel”.

If we talk about her Television career, she made great performances in this industry. She worked in many Novelas. Some of her latest Television work are Te doy la vida, S.O.S me estoy enamorando, Tierra de esperanza which was performed from 2020 to 2023. Her latest and most famous Telenovela is Tierra de Esperanza where she did her Supporting role.

Net Worth of Nuria Bages

The most frequently asked question about Nuria Bages is “ How much is Nuria Bages Networth?”. And most of them get the same answer, “I don’t know” to “it depends” on other platforms. It is not possible to determine her exact net worth. However, according to different accurate sources, I can say that her net worth is approximately €10 million. It is vital to appreciate the talent which she placed in the international entertainment industry. 


If we talk about the relationship of Nuria Bages, She is married now. Her husband’s name is Luis del Olmo. She was married in 1975. Now, she is 72 years old.


In the “Doctor Cándido Pérez” series, Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo and Nuria Bages acted as a couple. They were the star couple of this series. Their friendship somehow proved to be real love. In an interview with the Televisa program, Nuria Bages revealed that in the series they did have a small romance with each other.

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