stats online users How to Hang Lights on Tall Outdoor Trees: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Hang Lights on Tall Outdoor Trees: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding lights to large outside trees can transform your outdoor space into a lovely atmosphere, especially during the holidays or other special occasions. Careful planning and the appropriate method are needed to assure safety and a striking visual impact when hanging lights on towering trees. We’ll take you step-by-step through the process of lighting tall outside trees with our comprehensive tutorial.

1. Safety First

Prioritize safety before you start. Make sure your ladder is strong and tall enough to reach the trees you want to adorn. Make sure the ladder is on solid ground, and have someone assist you while doing this. To avoid any electrical hazards when working with power, utilize waterproof lighting and outside extension cords.

2. Choose the Right Lights

Choose lights that are weatherproof and especially made for outdoor use. Because of their longevity and energy economy, LED lights are a popular option. By measuring the height and circumference of the trees you plan to decorate, you can determine the length of lights you’ll need.

3. Plan Your Lighting Design

Before you begin, think about the intended lighting design. Select whether you want a straightforward wrap-around design, a descending light curtain, or both. Having a well-defined plan can assist you in figuring out where to begin and end as well as the number of light strands you’ll need.

4. Test the Lights

Check for any broken bulbs or problems with the strands by plugging the lights in before you put them on the trees. Replacing or repairing lights is far simpler when done from the ground than from a ladder.

5. Secure a Starting Point

Choose a robust branch to use as your foundation. Selecting the lower branches initially is possible, particularly when dealing with tall trees. Use light clips or outdoor-rated zip ties to fasten the lights to the branch. Ensure that the lights are spaced out equally over the branch.

6. Wrap the Trunk

Start sprinkling the lights in a spiral pattern around the tree’s trunk to illuminate it. To keep the lights from falling, fasten them using light clips or outdoor-rated tape. To prevent breaking the tree, make sure the lights are wrapped securely but not too tightly.

7. Continue to Upper Branches

Ascend the staircase gradually and carry on encircling the lights around branches that are higher up. When using the ladder, exercise caution and keep your equilibrium. If the branches are too high, you might want to use a pole attachment or ask someone on the ground for assistance.

8. Create Cascading Effects

Permit some lights to dangle vertically from the taller branches to create a cascade effect. Tie them down with clips or zip ties as needed. This produces an entrancing veil of lights that gives the whole show more dimension.

9. Secure the Ends

After you’ve reached the top or the necessary height, use clips or zip ties to fasten the light’s end to a limb. Make sure the connection is secure to stop the lights from coming undone.

10. Test the Lights Again

Make sure all the lights are functioning properly by testing them again after hanging them all. This allows you to take care of any problems while you’re still on the ladder.


It takes some imagination, careful preparation, and attention to safety to hang lights from towering outdoor trees. You can create a stunning light show in your outdoor area by following this step-by-step tutorial. Savor the captivating ambiance produced by the sparkling lights above your towering exterior trees throughout celebratory seasons or noteworthy events.

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